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Re: Request for help regarding inhumane forensic psychiatry practices in the clinics of Riedstadt and
Giessen (both in Germany) by these physicians: Dr. Gonzales, Dr. Mueller-Isberner, Dr. Eusterschulte,
and Dr. Redemann Fibi. I am specifically seeking the release of my son, Klaudiusz Palm, from the
forensic psychiatry clinic in Riedstadt.
Summary: My son has sat for six years unjustly imprisoned in a forensic psychiatry cell. On the rare
occasions he is allowed to leave his cell, his hands are tightly bound with metal handcuffs in front of, and
connected to a belt around his abdomen. During the six years he spent in forensic psychiatry clinic
Giessen and now in the forensic psychiatry clinic in Riedstadt, he has been tortured; and I am harassed,
threatened, and blackmailed with visit bans, telephone contact bans, denial of information about the
medical health of my son, etc.
Most importantly where my son is concerned, is that he was wrongly diagnosed (according to
psychiatry personnel in Giessen he had schizophrenia, but in reality he suffered from craniocerebral
trauma after a car accident) and was wrongly treated for ten years (1996-2006) with inappropriate drugs
that are known to be harmful for traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients - Bensodiazepine and neuroleptics.
The benzodiazepines were especially harmful. This drug is only approved for two weeks of usage
(because it is so addictive), but should not be prescribed at all for TBI patients.
History of events: Psychiatric treatment for my son was initially practiced in the Giessen clinic by Doctor
Schliephage-Milch and psychologist Mr. Mehles, (tel. 0641 4030).
Without asking my son, I was involuntarily discharged in 2005 as his legal guardian, and attorney Peter
Oberländer, (Akademiestrasse 36, 63450 Hanau, tel. 06181 3007950), was placed in the role of legal
guardian. This action was decreed by Judge Schumann of the District Court Hanau (Hanau-Nussallee
17, 63450 Hanau, tel. 06181 2970).
Mr. Oberländer has shown no interest at all for my son’s welfare, but in conjunction with the psychiatry
personnel in Giessen, he successfully petitioned the guardianship court of Hanau for two to five years
closed institutional treatment, on the basis of false diagnoses and fraudulent testimony by the
psychologist Mr. Mehles (Station 9, Giessen Psychiatry) and Dr. Schliephage-Milch, that purported my
son wanted to run over my mother and myself with an automobile during a visit to Poland. This I only
learned later and I subsequently staunchly sought to re-obtain legal guardianship over a period of one
and one-half years.
On the day when closed institutional treatment for two years was ordered by Judge Schumann , it was
alleged that my son grabbed scissors on a table in the nurse’s office in his right hand (although he is
100% left handed), and supposedly said he intended to cut the nurse’s hair. Regardless of what may
have occurred during this alleged incident, no one was actually injured. Mr. Oberländer served as the
court-appointed defense lawyer and my request to use a lawyer of my choice was denied by the district
court and the city attorney Mrs. Fleischer (Marburgstrasse 2, 35390 Giessen , tel. 0641 9340). Her
rationale was that I was not the legal guardian, and that such decisions could only be undertaken by the
legal guardian -- Mr. Peter Oberländer, the one who had originally petitioned for closed institutional
treatment! I believe this represented a very strong conflict of interest on Mr. Oberländer’s part.
A fraudulent report was written by the Giessen Forensic Psychiatry (Dr. J. Rüdiger Müller-Isberner, Dr.
Eusterschulte and Dr. Redemann Fibi) that asserted that my son was not suffering from schizophrenia,
and that after he was given no further Bensodiazepine, that his condition improved. He was sentenced
by court order and remanded to the custody of forensic psychiatry, this time for the reason of another
incorrect diagnosis (dementia with delusional disorder). Peter Oberländer waived witness testimony.
Judge Pfister of District Court Giessen said at the hearing that parole could be possible, but that my son
had to admit he intended to injure the nurse, something Klaudiusz had not intended.
Peter Oberländer, and the then court-appointed legal guardian, Mrs. Sabine Stobrawe of Kanzlei Nickel,
(Ulanenplatz 12, 63452 Hanau, tel 06181 27020), (it is noteworthy that several people have brought
legal complaints of fraud against Mrs. Stobrawe) refused to petition for reconsideration despite my
pleas for her to do so. Several other lawyers have refused to petition for reconsideration even though
they have taken my money for this, for example the firm Möller Theobald Jung Zengg (this firm now
represents the Giessen Psychiatry Clinic that I have accused of misdiagnosis and faulty medical
My petition for reconsideration was not even replied to by the Giessen District Court.
In response to my written question whether Bensodiazepine made my son addictive and the sudden
withdrawal of this medicine made him behave aggressively, Dr. Redemann-Fibi replied, “one has to
weigh what is better, for him to be addicted or to be aggressive?”
Dr. Redeman-Fibi also confirmed at this time the Giessen Forensic Psychiatry Clinic worked very
closely with the pharmaceutical industry. Forensic psychiatry clinics got the most expensive drugs for
testing and the drugs were paid for by health insurance. Thus, there was a clear monetary incentive
for the Giessen Clinic to hold my son in closed institutional treatment.
My complaint of 2006 to Mrs. Susanne Nöcker, of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Wiesbaden, (tel. 0611
8173337, email, as well as another complaint made by me to her on
7 February 2007 have remained unanswered. Only now has she indicated that she is willing to review
the relevant expert opinions. This represents a fresh hope for me, but I fear it will also end in
My complaint with the Patients’ Ombudswoman in the Bundestag, Helga Kuhn, also went unanswered.
Several petitions to review the situation have also been denied by the Marburg State Court. It was not
until late 2008 that Judge Wolf of the Marburg State Court approved the admission of relevant expert
opinions in my possession as evidence.
In the face of the expert opinions, the Giessen Clinic subsequently filed criminal charges. These charges
were submitted to Frau Otto of the Giessen Public Prosecutor’s Office, but the charges were rejected
after a year passed. Unfortunately, at the proceedings of 2009, Judge Wolf disregarded this expert
opinion and employed a new expert (Univ. Prof. dr. Med. Jurgen Müller, Chefarzt der Asklepios
klinik für Psychiatrie, Göttingen, tel. 05514 022100) to provide expert opinion, who came to the same
conclusion as the previous expert. At the same time, my attorney Mr. Saschenbrecker began inquiry
proceedings charging that medical errors in the treatment of my son were committed by the Giessen
Clinic. By order of Judge Mrs. Bremer, (Landgericht Gießen, Ostanlage 15, 35390 Giessen), Dr. Med.
Peter Frommel (Hausstein 2, 94571 Schaufling, tel. 09904 777600) was appointed as an expert to
determine if the treatment of my son by the Giessen Clinic was wrongly handled.
Since 2008, four expert opinions regarding my son’s medical state have been prepared. All four have
confirmed that my son is not mentally ill. He suffers from complications caused by his traumatic brain
injury, but only two of the opinions were thorough and confirmed by testing. The two court appointed
expert opinions falsely stated my son is aggressive and a danger to the public. Prof. Müller was
supposed to have transferred my son to Göttingen during the time these expert opinions were made,
but this was not done. During the assessments by the experts, the Giessen Clinic forced my son to
withdraw completely from some medications and in other cases changed the type of medication that he
was receiving. My son has been jailed for years and I have been bullied because of my attempts to
obtain his release from this unjust imprisonment. My complaints to Judge Wolf had no effect.
At the latest hearing, as a result of expert opinion provided by Prof. Müller, Judge Wolf stated verbally
that my son, as a TBI patient, should be released and transferred to a clinic specializing in the
rehabilitation of TBI patients. The written order of the hearing, however, specified something
completely different. My son was to remain in closed forensic psychiatry treatment and was further to
be transferred from Giessen to a prison for dangerous criminals in Riedstadt, -- this description of the
institution given to me by the forensic hospital security personnel at Riedstadt. No explanation was
given why there was such a discrepancy between the judge’s verbal statement and his written order.
The experts confirmed my son should not be imprisoned, he should be treated for his memory
problems, that Neuroleptika drugs were improper treatment for him, and that he should have close
contact with his family. All of these findings were ignored by Judge Wolf. My written questions to Judge
Wolf about this decision have been returned with the excuse he is no longer the presiding court official
over this matter.
The Riedstadt clinic refuses to provide complete information about blood tests or cardiac examinations
they have performed on my son, stating the clinic is not under investigation (and therefore not required
to provide said information). Suspiciously, the clinic was initially closed-mouthed about laboratory
results for the blood tests. Now I am told that he had leucopenia in 2010 and a high amount of Haldol in
his blood. Antipsychotic drugs that he was on, such as Risperdal (Risperidone), Dominal (Prothipendyl),
and Haldol (Haloperidol) were suddenly withdrawn as part of his treatment with the excuse that they
“could see no satisfactory improvement in his psychopathology”.
I have been repeatedly banned from visiting the clinic (prison). For example, the last time the ban was
made with the reason (stated by Frau Gonzalez, the head of the Riedstadt clinic) that I, as a mother, on
4 June 2011, had sexual contact with my son during a visit in which the visit was monitored by a
caretaker and my son was double-handcuffed (including to a belt around his waste)! I have to ask: who
is the mentally ill party here?
There are currently charges pending against Frau Gonzalez in Darmstadt that have been brought
forward by the public prosecutor.
My son is in a life-threatening condition (he has lost much weight, has liver disease, had a gall
removed, and has leucopenia) and has no appetite: all consequences of having been mistreated with
the wrong drugs. He is treated worse than an animal. To whom should I turn to seek justice? I
attempted to open a case with the European Court of Justice in Strasbourg, but it was rejected because
my former lawyer failed to bring the case to all possible courts in Germany. I have written and called
many private organizations for assistance, but to no avail. One wonders what sort of case has to
manifest for these organizations to become interested in a situation.
Since the 1.5 months that I made my complaint with Ministry of Social Affairs in Wiesbaden, I have not
seen my son. I was told I could visit twice a week only at each visit to be told by the clinic that my son
did not wish to see me.
On 24 September 2011, I drove 180 kilometers to no avail. My sister and husband were along to also
visit my son. Immediately upon entering the clinic, I had a bad feeling because my passport was
immediately returned to me when normally it is held by the security staff for the duration of the visit –
an indication that the clinic staff had already conspired to deny me entry to the clinic. Then I was taken
into the security control room and the items I had brought for my son were examined. Then Frau
Schäfer of the nursing staff came into the room and stated that, fifteen minutes before, my son had
declined to see me. I then stated, as a guardian for my son, I had a right to see him. Schäfer then stated
that I could neither hear nor understand her because my hearing aid was defective. She then stated she
wished to speak to my husband because I could supposedly not understand her. Then she changed her
mind, grabbed my left arm, and forced me out of the security control room. Her grasp was so hard that
it left bruises (blue upper forearm, confirmed by a doctor’s statement). It was stated that my son did
not want to leave his cell while double-handcuffed. Meanwhile, my husband asked four of the security
personnel where the written order was to keep my so handcuffed, but the clinic personnel refused to
produce this documentation. Then the clinic called the police, who forced me, my husband, and my
sister to leave the clinic. We asked Frau (officer) Raab of the police who responded if we could not after
all see the approval documents to keep my son continually in handcuffs. Frau Raab was given the
answer that neither she nor I could be given the file. Today I was told that again I am banned from
entering the clinic.
My son and I are not the only ones who have been treated so shamelessly by this clinic. Please read the
blog: “Intrigue and Psychiatry” for other instances.
I am asking for help for my son and myself before he is killed like Holger Ziert, who perished in the
Mühlhausen Forensic Psychiatry Clinic.
I can send you written proof of what I have described above as well as expert opinions. You can see for
yourself how the Forensic Psychiatry clinics have lied and engaged in deceit. One obvious example is
how the clinics can assert that someone who is double-handcuffed could pose a threat with a plastic
knife, or how a person in such a condition supposedly had sex during a clinic-supervised visit.
In these clinics, innocent people are used as laboratory animals to evaluate new drugs, and no one is
interested in their fate. I am fighting for my son’s release because he is being handled like filth. I
wonder if one reason we are being handled so badly is that I am Polish and a foreigner. I lost an aunt
and an uncle to Nazi concentration camps but nevertheless held no grudge against the Germans – my
husband is a German. I never imagined that such a tragedy could befall my son and I here in Germany.
It makes me think of my grandmother, crying, telling us how she had begged the Gestapo to release her
innocent children from the concentration camps. I feel that that I am experiencing a similar situation.
Sincerely hoping for your help,
B. Sobierajska-Ruth and Johann Georg Ruth, Platanenstrasse 10a, 63505 Langenselbold
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